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March 1, 2018

Special Greeting from the UCLA Causality Blog

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Dear friends in causality research,

This greeting is somewhat different from those you have been receiving in the past 18 years (Yes, it has been that long, see, January 1, 2000). Instead of new results, passionate discussions, breakthroughs, controversies, and question and answers sessions, this greeting brings you a musical offering: The Book of Why. It is a new book that I have co-authored recently with Dana MacKenzie (, forthcoming May 15, 2018. The book tells the story, in layman’s terms, of the new science of cause and effect, the one we have been nourishing, playing with, and marveling at on this blog.

By “the new science” I mean going back, not merely to the causal revolution of the past few decades, but all the way to the day when scientists first assigned a mathematical symbol to a causal relation.

Joining me in this journey you will see how leaders in your own field managed to cope with the painful transition from statistical to causal thinking.

Despite my personal obsession with mathematical tools, this book has taught me that the story of causal inference looks totally different from the conceptual, non-technical viewpoint of our intended readers. So different in fact that I occasionally catch myself tuning to the music of The Book of Why when seeking a deeper understanding of a dry equation. I hope you and your students find it as useful and as enjoyable.

The publisher’s description can be viewed here: while the Table of Content and sample chapters can be viewed here:

Our publisher also assures us that the book can be pre-ordered at no extra cost, and on your favorite website.

And may our story be inscribed in the book of worthy causes.


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