Causal Analysis in Theory and Practice

August 4, 2009

Effect of Treatment on the Treated

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Antonio Forcina writes:

I have tried to read Judea and Ilya's paper on effect of treatment on the treated which sound much more general than anything else I have read on the subject before. Unfortunately I was unable to follow their proof and could not find an instance where the ETT effect is identifiable. The only instance where I new that ETT was identifiable is with an instrumental variable under certain restrictions, instead I imagine that identifiability here means without restrictions other than those encoded in the DAG.The most clear treatment of the subject I new until now is in a paper by Hernan and Robins in Epidemiology 2006; and I do not understand why the discussion on Forcina's paper by Robins, Vander Weele and RIchardson is so popular.

August 3, 2009

Joint Statistical Meetings 2009: Tutorial Materials

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Judea Pearl writes:

The following material is given to people who will attend my tutorial at the JSA meeting August 5 2009, But it might also be of interest to other students of causality. The survey article: "Causal inference in statistics: An Overview" is a recent submission to Statistics Survey which condences everything I know about causality in only 40 pages.

The material may be accessed here:

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