Causal Analysis in Theory and Practice

April 25, 2007

Re: Request for Collaboration

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In reference to his previous post , Thomas Colignatus writes:

There is a first draft of the first chapter of my intended book "Elementary statistics and causality" available at

The question on the search co-authors might have been formulated a bit strict. I would welcome comments and questions a lot. Obviously, many authors have written on causality a lot, and it is kind of silly to put things in my very own words just to prevent issues on copyrights. On the other hand I am hesitant on full collaboration since the book would be programmed in Mathematica and I know that this is a kind of skill that is not available abundantly. Permissions to quote freely, with proper reference, would be ideal, and in the end you might simply appear to be a co-author. So, take a look at this first chapter and see if your work links up to it. The next chapter is to start with notions of conditional independence.

Thomas updates (5/30):

There is now a discussion "The 2 × 2 × 2 case in causality, of an effect, a cause and a confounder. A cross-over’s guide to the 2 × 2 × 2 contingency table" available at

April 2, 2007

Request for Collaboration

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Thomas Colignatus writes:

I plan to write a book with the working title "Basics of causality, correlation, economics and epidemiology, using graphical models. Applications of Mathematica". This book would use Mathematica ( as an environment, so that the reader/user can directly experiment and simulate.

It would be handy to be in contact with other users of Mathematica and to have critical proof-readers in the process, to reduce confusion and increase user friendliness. If interested, send me an email at If the input is important we might turn this into a collaboration.

I am currently following a course in graphical models, given by Richard Gill in Leiden,, which together with Judea Pearl's "Causality" would give a good starting point.


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