Causal Analysis in Theory and Practice

August 9, 2007

Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM-07) Slides

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For those who have shown interest in obtaining slides from Judea Pearl's talk at JSM 2007 in Salt Lake City, UT entitled "The Mathematics of Causal Inference in Statistics", you may do so by visiting the following address:

Also, we would like to invite others to share slides from their talks or provide commentary about related topics covered during the conference. Please send us your thoughts using the post submission page.

August 7, 2007

Mediated Effects

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David Judkins writes:

I just saw Dylan Small give a very interesting talk in Salt Lake City on mediation analysis using random assignment interacted with baseline covariates as instrumental variables. He mentioned that Albert (2007) just established a formal definition for mediated effects with Neyman-Rubin causal language. Anyone know which Albert? Is it James Albert at Bowling Green? Any rival formal definitions for mediated effects? Page 165 of Pearl's 2000 text has a definition of indirect effects, but I didn't find it quite as satisfying as the version that Small put on the screen last week.

August 6, 2007

SEM and Dichotomous Variables

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David Liu writes:

In Statistics and Causal Inference: A Review (Pearl 2003), it was said 'the bulk of SEM methodology was developed for linear analysis, and until recently, no comparable methodology has been devised to extend its capabilities to models involving dichotomous variables or nonlinear dependencies.'  Is it true by now?

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